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English 2


Unit 1 1.0 Credit

Cornell Notes (104-105) PDF 

A Celebration of Grandfathers (455) PDF

Montgomery Boycott (124) PDF 

Getting a Job (411) PDF 

Night (592) PDF 


Essay—Persuasive .5 Credit   

For more info click this Padlet link


      700 word minimum


Book Report 1.0 Credit

     List of Books that can be read on-line 

Writing Assessment .5 credits  


Unit 2 1.0 Credit


Cornell Notes (17-18) PDF

Harrison Bergeron (20) PDF

The Californian’s Tale (303) LINK

One Thousand Dollars (386) LINK

Essay—Local History Report  .5 Credit   Sample Research Paper 

          Use quick sheet handout for MLA in this paper.    

          For more info for this essay, click this Padlet link 

          700 word minimum 


Mid Year Test .5 Credits 




English IIB

Unit 3 Note: Unit 3 materials come from the Interactive Reader 1.0 Credit

Analyzing Text Features (IR 362-365)

Understanding Visuals (IR 366-369)

Recognizing Text Structures (IR 370-379)

Reading in the Content Areas (IR 380-385)

Reading Beyond the Classroom (IR 386-395)


Essay—Business Letter .5 Credit   

for more info, click this Padlet link

Critical Reading Assessment .5 Credits 


Mid year  Test 3 .5 Credit


Unit 4 1.0 Credit

Cornell Notes (225-226) PDF

Simile/Moon Rondeau/Woman (255) PDF

Tonight I Can Write… (351) LINK

The Artilleryman’s Vision (645) PDF

Birches (838) PDF

CST Practice 4 Answersheet

Book Report 1.0 Credit 

     List of Books that can be read on-line 

Essay—Interpretive .5 Credit  

     for more info, click this Padlet link 

     700 word minmum 


End Of Year Test  .5 Credit